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Adjusting to life after a severe accident can be challenging. We can't change what happened but we are here to support you every step of the way.


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With over 25 years experience in dealing with personal injury claims we can truly say that we are experts in what we do.



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Personal Injury Process Overview


Initial Assessment

This simply involves a chat with you about what has happened to you. We will need you to tell us what procedure or treatment you have had and what problems you had as a result. This allows us to assess whether or not we feel that you have a claim because of the surgeon or practitioners negligence.



Once we have completed our initial assessment, we will discuss the various methods of funding available to meet any legal costs.


Clients always worry that the solicitor’s fees will be too high for them to afford. If we feel that you have a good case we are prepared to take the risk on whether or not we will get paid. That is why we work for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement, more commonly known as a ‘No win, no fee agreement’.


We will look at whether or not you have any insurance or trade union cover but even if you don’t; we will still act for you and take the risk on our fees. That is why we take a success fee from you, to reflect the risk that we will not be paid if you lose. We will tell you about the level of success fee when we enter the agreement with you. Remember, you only pay this to us if you win and recover compensation.


We can arrange an insurance policy for you, which mean that you are never at risk of any costs at all. Don’t worry, the cost of the policy is deferred to the end of the case and if you lose your case the policy pays for any costs and for the premium of the policy itself. If you win your case the insurance premium will be paid from your compensation.


Obtaining Medical Records

When we have agreed with you regarding how we will act for you, we will obtain copies of any relevant medical records. To obtain copies of your medical records, you will need to complete authority forms to authorise the practice or hospital to release them to us. The records are only reviewed by us and the medical expert.


Obtaining Medical Evidence

As soon as we are have of all relevant medical records, we will obtain evidence from a medical expert to assess whether the procedure carried out was of a substandard nature and if so the extent to which you have suffered as a result. The medical expert will compile a report of his/her findings. This is what we use to prove your injury. You may need to see the expert but it will be at a convenient time and location for you.


Letter of Claim

When we are sure that we have the strongest evidence to support your case we will write to the person or company who caused your injury. This person is called the defendant. The technical term for this is a letter of claim. It is part of the process and nothing for you to worry about. In this letter we give all of the details the other parties insurers need to consider your claim.


The Response

The defendant must acknowledge the letter of claim within 14 days but can then take up to 4 months to fully respond and state whether or not they are admitting a breach of the duty owed to you. If a breach of duty is admitted, negotiations to settle your claim can begin. Our aim is to ensure that we present the strongest evidence of your case at an early stage to allow the defendant to realise their mistake and deal with it quickly.


During your case we will speak with you regularly to both get information from you and to tell you what we are doing. If there is a period of time that we are simply waiting for the defendants to investigate we will give you a clear understanding of what that timescale is.


At all times we will try to settle your case without the need to go to Court. That is because we understand that clients can find this an upsetting experience. If you case is strong and we have gathered the evidence well it is likely that the defendants will settle your claim at an early stage.




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