Cold Calling

Government watchdogs are warning consumers to beware of the clever sales tricks cold callers from unscrupulous claims management companies are using to drum up new business.

The Claims Management Regulator has drawn up a hotlist of the most common misleading statements used during the usually unsolicited sales calls.

Such companies try to persuade members of the public to sign up for their services, which can include representing accident victims as well as PPI claims.

The list shows the kind of advertising and marketing that fails to comply with rules brought in to regulate the industry.

Top Ten Misleading Marketing Statements

1. Suggesting you are guaranteed compensation without having to prove the service you paid for had been mis-sold…

“Step 1: Click here and start the reclaim process. Step 2: Wait for us to contact you regarding your claims. Step 3: Receive your money!”

“You are not required to do anything else, just sit back and relax while we win back your money.”

2. Overstating the urgency of submitting your claim…

“Time is extremely important in all claim cases as government restrictions apply.”

3. Exaggerating how quickly claims are settled…

“As a rule, we aim to get your refund within eight-to-twelve weeks”.

4. Inflated claims about the company’s experience and size…

“As the UK’s largest claims management company….”

“We have more than 20 years’ experience in the field of recovering the damages you deserve after an accident or loss.”

5. Implying that they undertake the entire process when in fact the file is simply handed on to a solicitor…

“If your claim is not successful, you won’t be charged a penny* for our work.”

“We manage the entire process for you and do all the work on your behalf.”

6. Making out that claiming for simple refunds is more complicated than it actually is…

“We take the complexity out of the claim, meaning the process for the consumer is a simple one.”

“Reclaiming money owed to you by a bank can be both complicated and time consuming. Our expert claims team do all the hard work so you don’t have to.”

7. Exaggerating how much money the consumer might receive…

“All I need is just a few minutes of your time to establish if I can get around £3,000 for you”

“Our biggest successful reclaim for a client is £37,700.”

8. Implying that the service is free even though it actually isn’t…

“No money is necessary at all. Our cases are all covered by our No Win No Fee Guarantee, so win or lose, you don’t pay a penny.”

“This why we do the 8% interest because it usually covers our fee.”

9. Giving the impression that the company already knows you have a valid claim…

“Showing on our system that you have had a loan or credit card before 2009…”

“I can see on my system you may be entitled to a refund…”

10. Hiding the true reason for the sales call…

“It’s just a quick customer awareness call today…”

“We are checking everyone in the UK…”

How Cold Callers Suck Customers In

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