Ruined Holiday?

Have you recently been on a package holiday? Did you become sick? Most illnesses on a package holiday are due to buffet food being held at a luke warm temperature, where bacteria can grow easily. When people in contact with bacteria such as this, it can cause sickness, stomach cramps and other health issues which can ruin your holiday.

Here at P R Scully & Co, we have a team dedicated to holiday sickness claims. Our team have dealt with claims related to hundreds of holiday resorts in several different countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria and Egypt. You will often see articles in the news abut holiday makers having their holiday ruined by sickness due to their resort.

It is the travel companies responsibility to check that holiday resorts and hotels have the correct health and safety and also carry out regular checks on food and drink being served in all inclusive hotels. If you would like more information on how to pursue a holiday sickness claim, please contact us here or visit our holiday sickness micro site which contains all the information you need on how to pursue a holiday sickness claim.

The holiday  sickness website contains information on holiday sickness hotspots, what to be aware of when visiting holiday resorts abroad and what do when you are sick on holiday.


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