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Adjusting to life after a severe accident can be challenging. We can't change what happened but we are here to support you every step of the way.


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With over 25 years experience in dealing with personal injury claims we can truly say that we are experts in what we do.



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Frequently Asked Questions


How will my case be funded?/ How will I pay your fees?

You will not need to pay us any money upfront. To protect you we enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). These are sometimes called No Win No Fee Agreements.


If we believe that you have a good case we are prepared to take a risk on whether or not we get paid. Because we are taking this risk we will take a deduction from your damages of 25%.  You will only pay this if your case is successful.


The CFA only covers our fees and if your case fails you could be at risk of paying for your disbursements such as medical fees, expert’s reports or Court Fees. To protect you we can arrange an insurance policy which gives you full protection from having to pay out for any fees or disbursements.


If you have any insurance cover for legal expenses we can arrange for that insurer to provide us with cover for your case. This means that they will pay our fees the defendants fees and disbursements and your fees and disbursements if you lose.


What are the timescales for running my case?

This very much depends on all of the factors involved.


In serious injury cases the case may be ongoing for several years. This is because it may take several months  to assess the injury and its effects on your needs. That is why we work so hard at obtaining immediate and ongoing interim payments for you.


We look at what you need because of your injuries and we make the insurers deal with these immediate needs as the case is progressing. Some insurers will be reasonable and make payments easily but some will try to delay payments to force low settlement of the claim. We do not allow any nonsense from insurers on these interims so that our clients are not forced to accept low settlement of their overall claim.


In general for less serious injuries cases proceed quickly through a small claims portal. This process can take between 3 and 12 months depending on the complexity of the injury. We will be able to tell you immediately if your claim is suitable for this small claims portal.


When we assess your case we will be able to give you an outline of what the timescales for your case will be.


I can't get out to visit you, will you be able to come to my home?

We understand that you are dealing with a lot of problems following your accident and that you may have difficulties in coming to see us. We always make the effort to visit our clients at their home. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you are talking to us and there is nowhere better for that than in your own home.


Who will my claim be against?

You will be claiming against the person who caused your accident. This may be the driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident, the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in, your employer or the  landowner whose land the accident happened on. They will usually have insurance cover and it will be their insurers that we will deal with.


What happens if the accident was partly my fault?

Don’t worry, even if you were partly responsible for the accident you will be able to claim. Your damages may reduce by the amount that you were responsible but you will get some compensation. To give you an easy example, if you were equally responsible for the accident you will get 50% of the full amount of the compensation you would have obtained if the other person was fully at fault.


Not all firms will act for you under a conditional fee agreement if liability is not clear cut but we take the view that clients in that situation still need help.


Will I need to go to Court?

It is unlikely that you will need to go to Court. In most cases, we agree liability with the other party. Most insurance companies do not want to have to pay the extra expense of going to a Court to decide on how much compensation you will get. We always try to ensure that clients do not have to have the inconvenience of going to Court.


Can I change to your firm if I have already seen another firm?

Sometimes clients are unhappy with a firm and usually their insurers have passed them to that firm. We will only accept a transfer of a case if we feel that we can do a better job for you than the firm that you are with. We will talk to you and see why you want to change. If we feel that we can help you then yes we will accept your instructions to transfer to us from that other firm.



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