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Adjusting to life after a severe accident can be challenging. We can't change what happened but we are here to support you every step of the way.


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With over 25 years experience in dealing with personal injury claims we can truly say that we are experts in what we do.



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Brain Injury Claims


Dealing with any type of head injury is a traumatic and life changing event for both the injured person and their families. Often the family are dealing with not just the fears about the health of their loved on but all of the practicalities of life like mortgage payments and bills


How do you make sense of it all and how do you get help? The answer is simple - you call us. We have helped many clients to understand what they are entitled to and then help them to get exactly that. We understand that you are probably facing major financial worries and that your loved ones don’t know what to do for best.


Our approach is simple. We think about what we, or our families would need in that situation. We understand that the victim may be in a hospital for a long time and that neither they nor their partners or parents are able to go to work. Just the cost of missing work and being at the hospital for days or weeks can be desperately upsetting.


What about your legal fees?

Our immediate objective is to give simple clear advice and reassurance about our fees. Then we obtain an immediate interim payment based on the immediate needs our client has. This is to cover the loss of salary and immediate expenses. The last thing you or your family need at that time is worry about paying the rent or mortgage and bills.


When you are in a better position we come to see you and go through what we need to do to make your claim. We explain that we will work for you on a Conditional Fee (No Win No Fee) Agreement. That even if you do not have insurance cover we can take out a policy that means you have no risk of any costs at all.


This means that you do not have to pay any money to us up front. When we win your case and you have had your compensation we will get paid.


We make sure that the insurers for the person who caused that accident pay exactly what our client needs and not what they think they deserve. This involves advice on everything from care, treatment and rehabilitation.


We come to know our clients well. They trust us and they know we care about them. We are not going to try to convince you of this, we have asked our clients to do that for us. We asked our clients to allow us to put their comments on this site for other clients to see. Some of them wrote full stories documenting their Journey and our part in that Journey.


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